About Us

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 viZaar South East Asia Sdn Bhd chose Malaysia as its operations headquarter to better serve its South East Asia clientele. Our company was established on May 2007 as an independent company following the immense success of our manufacturing principle, viZaar AG based in Albstadt, Germany.

viZaar South East Asia Sdn Bhd serves as an “all in 1 stop centre” in providing solutions for Industrial Visual Inspection Cameras application, consisting of:





We provide rental services of video inspection equipment and we offer our clients internal visual inspection services of confined spaces or hazardous locations with the use of “viZaar Inviz Series” high-tech video camera systems where human entry is impractical, physically impossible or unsafe.

Vizaar Video Inspection Systems are very useful and have the ability to focus on remote internal conditions, such as weld seam quality inspection (longitunal or circular weld seam), detect corrosion of interior surface (localize or general corrosion), I.D surface defect (crack, pin hole), foreign material, crevices, scale or deposit, weld seam discoloration, oxide island and etc. on tubing systems, pipelines, turbines, heat exchangers, boilers, and etc. Recording all salient features or defects of the area will enable decisions or adjustments to be carried out promptly.

Our international visual inspection services would be beneficial to all companies in the Oil & Gas, Maritime, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Consumer industries as well as companies in the Power Generation, Municipalities and Public Supply sectors. Our range of customers is constantly expanding as internal visual inspection services have far – reaching applications.